The Goals of Aylett Country Day School

In order to meet the diverse needs of students at Aylett Country Day School, we pursue the following goals:

  1. To provide a stimulating learning environment for acquiring a basic body of knowledge in the various disciplines.
  2. To provide individualized work within the framework of the regular classroom that promotes immediate remediation or enrichment.
  3. To lead students in moral growth by example and instruction.
  4. To encourage a desire for truth and knowledge.
  5. To instill respect for oneself and for all people.
  6. To assist the student in developing the ability to exercise self-discipline and good judgment in various situations.
  7. To provide opportunities for students to participate in classroom and extracurricular activities which foster leadership, responsibility, and possibilities for future growth.
  8. To offer physical education and extracurricular athletic programs that teach fundamental skills, promote good sportsmanship and teamwork, and foster a positive attitude toward total fitness and leisure time activities.
  9. To encourage effective health and safety habits.
  10. To teach students to communicate effectively and to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  11. To encourage appreciation of music, art, literature, and the beauty of nature.
  12. To evaluate students’ progress in their academic preparation.
  13. To establish and maintain cooperation and understanding between parents, the school, and community members.