Lower School

The lower school offers a rich, diverse, and nurturing environment to students in grades kindergarten through five.  A dedicated staff teaches children in a stimulating, supportive, and caring manner. The challenging curriculum promotes a broad educational experience while allowing teachers to assess individual learning styles and adapt teaching techniques to promote student success.

Class size varies but is generally limited to 20 students.  Homeroom teachers provide instruction in language arts, math, science, and social studies.   Aides and reading assistants are provided in grades one through three to allow personalized attention on the integral, foundational skills.  Grades four and five are taught departmentally, allowing students to begin the experience of changing classes each day and develop personal responsibility prior to moving to the more independent middle school environment.  All grades also benefit from their time with specialized faculty in art, music, library, physical education, and computer skills.

Lower school students participate in Spanish, interdisciplinary social studies projects, and an in-depth study of the state of Virginia.  Field trips are built around various elements of the curricula as well.

Individualized tutoring is available on a limited basis for lower school children who require individual attention.  Admission testing, Stanford 10 testing, and Otis Lennon testing are provided in kindergarten through grade eight. 

A character education curriculum strengthens and reinforces the mission of the school, fostering students’ abilities to demonstrate respect for others in an increasingly diverse society.  Activities, writing, reading assignments, and other curricula are built around a “virtue of the month”.