Middle School

The middle school program at ACDS includes grades six through eight.  Students face a diverse challenging curriculum developed by the faculty.  Care is taken to prepare students for enrollment into any high school they choose.

The middle school teachers are philosophically dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, and social needs of adolescents.  They recognize that individual attention is necessary in order to address situations that might affect classroom performance.  Life skills are taught within the curriculum and through close relationships that develop between teacher and student outside the classroom.

The instructional program is rigorous with a variety of academic challenges.  By encouraging critical thinking, the teachers motivate the students to go beyond knowledge to the application concepts.  The faculty promotes interdisciplinary experiences to expand learning across the curriculum and within each discipline.

The language arts program places strong emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, verbal expression, and writing skills.  Students are encouraged to enhance these skills through a variety of options such as creative writing contests, exploration of literature, and an eighth grade public speaking program.

The science program teaches experimental design, introduces and refines laboratory skills and fosters critical thinking.  Hands-on research is conducted with groups such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

The history program is kept lively by incorporating geography, current events, and history to show how our present is affected by our past.  Within the three-year program, students cover not only the chronological history of the United States and the world, but they also incorporate politics, people, places, and culture. 

The mathematics program at Aylett allows students to study math through Algebra I and geometry while also meeting the needs of the students requiring individual attention.  It is possible to earn four high school credits in middle school by taking Algebra I, geometry, ancient world history, and Spanish I.