Alumni Association

The Aylett Country Day School Alumni Association includes over 975 alumni spread over 23 states. In the 54 years Aylett Country Day School has been in existence, alumni have chosen to send their children and grandchildren to ACDS time and time again, with a total of 34 legacy students enrolled at Aylett in the 2019-2020 school year. This continuing loyalty from alumni and their families is one of the wonderful features of Aylett Country Day School . 

The Alumni Association supports Aylett Country Day School in many different ways: by raising funds and volunteering time and energy to support school improvement projects requested by the faculty and administration, by hosting and managing events for the school throughout the year, and by volunteering their talents and expertise for the benefit of the school. In past years the Alumni Association has refurbished the landscaping around the school sign, provided new volleyball equipment for the gymnasium, renovated the playground areas on campus, and much more! 

Wherever they are, Aylett alums make positive contributions in their communities through their work and volunteer efforts.  Many continue to serve Aylett Country Day School through Alumni Annual Giving and by volunteering their time and talents at the school. If you are interested in volunteering or contributing to Aylett please contact Tara Garner at or 804-443-3214. You may also update your information here via Web form. 


The mission of the Aylett Country Day School Alumni Association is to promote the school’s mission through the establishment of mutually beneficial relations between the school and its alumni and to help support the school through growth and development.


  • To cultivate communication and favorable relationships between Aylett Country Day School and its alumni
  • To plan and carry out programs and social events which benefit the alumni and, in turn, the school
  • To increase the visibility of the school by actively representing Aylett Country Day School and to support the recruitment and admissions programs of the school by promoting its academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs
  • To develop alumni networks for the professional and personal benefit of Aylett graduates
  • To fund and carry out school improvement projects
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