League Officers, 2023-24

Brittney SgroiPresident
Ben Hinant, Vice President
Samantha CourtneyTreasurer
Elizabeth FowlerCourtesy Chair

Role of the League 

The League at Aylett Country Day School is the parents’ organization that supports the school and faculty in many different ways, including sponsoring parent-teacher meetings throughout the school year, the annual Back-to-School Night, Grandparents’ Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week. One of the main responsibilities of the League is to support the school through fundraisers organized and run by parent volunteers. The fundraising events annually provide a large segment of the current school budget in order to keep the tuition affordable. The fundraising events currently include a 50/50 fall raffle, Spring Oyster Roast, Urbanna Oyster Festival, and spring golf tournament. These events are great opportunities to meet other Aylett parents and are fun and memorable experiences.  Aylett also depends on the strong support and involvement of parents to enhance the value of their child’s education in ways not always measured in dollars and cents. 

Important Dates

The League is tasked with having meetings four times a year. Please mark your calendars and plan on attending.  These meetings will usually coincide with other school programs in an effort for parents to attend and actively participate in League discussions and activities. The time is normally 6:00 p.m. The dates are listed below along with the school program, but please know that these programs are subject to change.  

  • 9/20 – League Meeting and Back to School Night
  • 3/14 – League Meeting & March Madness Basketball Games
  • 5/2 – League Meeting and Art Show
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