“Aylett Country Day School (ACDS) is more than just a school; it is an extension of my family, and not just because three generations of my family have attended ACDS. ACDS not only provided me a strong academic foundation, but I also learned key critical thinking and reasoning skills. I developed a solid work ethic and learned to continuously challenge myself in reaching my full potential. Most importantly, the values instilled encourage integrity, trust, respect, and service to others above self, which are the core guiding principles of how I live every day.”

Elizabeth Copeland, Class of ‘92

“I attended Aylett from kindergarten through seventh grade, which in 1984, was the highest grade. I have many fond memories of my time at the school. I received a quality education, including good academics, quality athletics and lifelong friends. I did not appreciate this at the time, but as I matured and attended other schools, I grew to appreciate all that was provided to me by my parents, the staff and the faculty at Aylett. My wife and I have two children at Aylett, both of whom are in the second grade. It is a pleasure to know that they are experiencing a similar environment. I appreciate the current parents, staff, faculty and alumni who continue to ensure that the school provides a good environment for the students.”

Alexander Fleet Dillard, III, Class of ‘84 – Parent of Fitz ’20 and Sandy ’20

“Aylett Country Day School has a stellar reputation, and for good reason. In the hands of a nurturing group of teachers and staff members, children are transformed into successful and inquisitive students well-prepared for a lifetime of learning. Aylett students are actively engaged in their learning and build a strong foundation based on rigorous academics, character development, and personal success. My sons love their teachers and school just as much as I once did.”

Tara Pirtle Garner, Class of ‘92 – Parent of Jackson ’21 and Berkeley ’23

“From learning RESPONSIBILITY with Mrs. Waring in the 4th grade to developing my love of the Rappahannock River with Mrs. Allen in Middle School, the teachers and curriculum provided me with the tools I needed to succeed in High School. It has been amazing to have my two nephews there now and watch them get excited over things like Grandparent’s Day and fundraising for Sheridan like I did almost twenty years ago. Aylett provides an amazing program for a small rural town with dedicated teachers, staff, parents, grandparents and alumni. I look forward to seeing all that Aylett has to offer in the future.”

Mary Emery Leipertz, Class of ‘96

“The wonderful memories that I have of growing up as an ACDS student are so numerous it’s hard to know where to start. The sense of community and support is astounding – everyone is included from the tiniest pre-schooler to the oldest 8th grader (7th grader in my days!). I loved the teachers and faculty, learning, sports, playing and especially the small, close knit classes. The teachers were and still are my friends and mentors, not strict authority figures. I know that these interactions at such a young age have left me with communication/people skills to last a lifetime – I could not have asked for a better school experience!”

Madeline Garnett Foresman, Class of ‘87

“A. The first letter of the alphabet, as well as the first letter of the school that I called my home for twelve years. C. Stands for my class. The group that I spent my childhood with, the twelve students who acted as friends and family while we grew up together. D. Dedication. The students and teachers were all dedicated to learning and teaching. I have remembered their lessons and kindness as I have gone through high school, and I am sure they will remain into college. Finally, S. School. Yet Aylett was always more than a school to me. We were like one big family, full of tradition and excitement. I could not imagine spending my time anywhere else.”

Hannah Reynolds, Class of ’10

Aylett Country Day School is the foundation upon which my entire higher education sits. From Collegiate School to Sewanee and the University of Richmond School of Law and my professional life, I benefit every day from lessons learned at ACDS.  My writing skills, my higher understanding of the value of hard work and creative, well reasoned thought processes, and the gifts of citizenship, compassion, and integrity are invaluable tools in education, life, work, and community service. I am forever grateful for the education I received at ACDS, and I am so pleased that my children, Elizabeth (Class of 2022) and Claire (hopefully Class of 2024), will be able to receive the same exceptional educational opportunities afforded to me by Aylett Country Day School. “

Mavora Monk Donoghue, Class of ‘92
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